Re: “Knitting and writing- two new clubs” (Dec. 21, 2021)

Jai Patel, 2024

To the Editor: Sidd Shetty, Nikhil Kishore, Deepa Shrinidi, and Kiko Yoshihira 

I’m filled with joy knowing we students are trying to create an environment where learning is something to be enjoyed. With the efforts of Dahria Charadnichenka, Renee Pujara, Elizabeth Miller, and Maddison Li, two new clubs were created, which makes me feel as if it is not only the district that wants to teach students but students themselves who want to support others and to help them grow. 

I whole heartily feel as if our student body strives to become the best they can via the many opportunities that will present themselves. A message I would like to spread to the students who have ‘an issue they are passionate about’ is to appeal to the district! 


Jai Patel