Re: “From all Cameras on to all Pencils Up!” (Nov. 9, 2021)

Arshia Chakrabarti, 2024

To the Editor: Jordan Blaise

After reading your article, I feel both validated and excited about what I have been feeling. Like my fellow peers, the in-person school has been a challenge for me for the past three months, and reading your article makes me think about my struggles in a new light. As you have quoted in the article, this change in learning has required me to put in “a lot more effort” and has made me see the pros and cons of the type of learning I have done in the past. Therefore, it leads me to the question: Is there anything we can take out of online learning? In my opinion, I have yet to answer this question for myself, but your article has started a spiral of thoughts, making me want to challenge the styles of learning around me today. Overall, reading your article has helped me feel less alone about my challenges with the new in-person year, and I can’t wait to see what online learning has changed my future learning.

Arshia Chakrabarti