Re “Spotted lanternflies: vivid creepers” (Nov. 10, 2021)

Eliana Du, 2024

To the Editor: Alexander Chang, Kalyani Samudrla, Deepa Srinidhi

     Before reading this article, I’d already heard of lanternflies being an invasive species in our area, but I found this article to be thought-provoking because it made me consider how they affect our ecosystem. I’d never really understood the relish with which my friends stomped on lanternflies, but this article opened my eyes to the very real threat lanternflies pose to other species. I also didn’t realize the agricultural impact of lanternflies, which I think would be extremely detrimental in areas that rely more on agriculture. The article says that lanternflies aren’t poisonous to humans, which makes me wonder whether or not they are poisonous to other animals and if they have any defense mechanisms.

     In all, I really enjoyed reading this article. I love learning about local news, and this article communicated the undeniable negative impact lanternflies can have on our local ecosystem really well. However, I also liked how it emphasized how lanternflies harm places all around the world and country. I feel inspired to learn about lanternflies and contribute my small part to the ecosystem by stomping out lanternflies wherever I see them.

Eliana Du