Re: “Podcast creators “Unraveling the World” on inspiration, cancel culture, representation, and more” (Dec 21, 2021)

Gabriella DiRusso, 2024

To the Editors: Sidd Shetty and Pranavi Sagi

Upon reading this article, I became inspired to listen to this thought-compelling podcast. The article did a wonderful job of explaining the purpose of the podcast while enticing the reader to become a listener. I also found it inspiring that students of our age are able to host a platform that gives light to marginalized voices and starts much needed deep discussions. Furthermore, I admire that the hosts have chosen to persevere despite facing challenges, such as one of their guests getting “canceled,” as mentioned in the article. Nonetheless, they have persisted and carried out their mission of uplifting the voices of those who we may not otherwise hear from. 


Gabriella DiRusso 

Class of 2024