Re: “Knitting and writing — two new clubs” (Dec 21, 2021)

Ramya Gouraiah, 2024

To the Editors: Sidd Shetty, Deepa Srinidhi, Nikhil Kishore

The after-school clubs at South are really unique and have a lot of variation amongst themselves. There are many clubs that offer different types of interests, hobbies and require different skillsets. The two new clubs, mastery of language and knitting club, both have a lot to offer. 

The Mastery of Language club is very helpful and beneficial for students that have a language barrier because it helps enhance the communication between South’s students. Also it stands as an individual club amongst all of the other clubs as it provides a chance for writers. Similarly, the knitting club achieves this as well being the only club to offer the artistic talent of knitting and crocheting in many varied ways. Additionally, this club helps out the community with their donations to the homeless and spreads the knowledge of knitting and crocheting. 


Ramya Gouraiah