Re: “Shopping Local for the Holidays” (Dec. 21, 2021)

Samar Rahmani, 2024

To the Editor: Vivian Xie

After reading this article, I have come to discern the realities of being an owner of a local business. Nowadays, widespread, easily-accessible companies such as eBay and Amazon have become our go-to providers for shopping for anything, ranging from average everyday goods to specific holiday products. Because of this, local companies have begun to struggle because business, day after day, is becoming slower–maybe even closer to shutting down altogether. Thus, it’s beyond meaningful to ensure that local shops and stores have their fair share of enterprise even with Covid-19 and its overriding effects.

Additionally, I found it interesting that the lack of supporting local businesses has changed society as a whole. There isn’t as much of a sense of community as there would be because individuals don’t consider local stores. The community has forgotten about local businesses, and these results take effect in several different ways that are highlighted in this article. Individuals should focus on assisting small businesses by purchasing from them, because this is a responsibility each of us has, being a part of a community.


Samar Rahmani