Battle of the boyfriends part two: “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Edition

Before season two of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” releases, let’s figure out who Belly’s best boyfriend is!

Team Conrad

         What’s better? Having your crush like you only after you’ve had a “glow up” or having a crush like you throughout your teenage years, despite all your questionable phases? The answer to this question is exactly why Conrad Fisher from the TV show “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is better for Isabel (Belly) Conklin than Jeremiah Fisher. 

          For starters, Conrad listens and connects to Belly in a way that his brother, Jeremiah, never could. Exhibit A: The infinity necklace. Recalling a moment from their childhood, Conrad gave Belly a thoughtful infinity necklace to show their infinite connection, but Jeremiah gave her a meaningless keychain. 

          Moreover, Jeremiah and Belly shippers may argue that Jeremiah is emotionally available, but he spent the entire summer flirting with anyone who would entertain him. Only when Conrad and Belly started to admit their feelings for each other did he start to like Belly. To Jeremiah, Belly is the prize to a competition between him and his brother. But to Conrad, Belly is the girl he has loved his entire life. 

          Belly said, “A piece of my heart, the piece where summer lived, will always belong to Conrad.” If a part of Belly’s heart will always belong to Conrad, how can she ever end up with someone else?

Left to right: Conrad Fisher, Belly Conklin, and Jeremiah Fisher. IMAGE BY ASHIKA SENTHILKUMAR

Team Jeremiah

          There are two different types of boyfriends: the attractive outgoing one and the introverted but secretly attractive one. But, which one will you choose? I choose the attractive and outgoing one. Who, in the hit TV show The Summer I Turned Pretty, is Jeremiah Fisher. 

          Jeremiah Fisher’s messy golden-brown hair and his cute personality can make any girl fall in love with him. On the other hand, his older brother Conrad, is an emotionally unstable person. For example, Conrad smokes to free him from his worries, he hooks up with other girls and he keeps his feelings bottled up, all of which are unhealthy. 

          Overall, Jeremiah is the better partner as he has an emotionally stable mind and doesn’t play mind games with Belly. To be in a happy relationship, both partners must have a high emotional intelligence and be comfortable with sharing their  feelings with each other. Jeremiah is emotionally stable and knows how to treat Belly right.