Arrrrr you hungry? Lunch memories of our graduating pirates

Sri Sowmya Tanguturi ('26), Culture Editor

When the class of 2023 sailed into the start of senior year, the privilege of steering off campus for lunch came on board with them. Along with friends, seniors got the opportunity to explore new places and find new favorite spots during their A or B lunch periods. A few of these lunch spots stood out as cherished favorites.
Dunkin’ Donuts is the most popular stop among South students, as countless Dunkin’ cups seem to litter the hallway. One such reason is the social life present. “My favorite lunch spot is definitely Dunkin because it’s a good spot to see a lot of your friends since it’s so spacious,” Miren Alai Rudorfer (‘23) said. “I think my top memories would definitely be going to get coffee on sunny days and sitting outside. I always get small iced caramel macchiato since it’s a good mix of sweet and bitter!”
Other places close by are also hotspots for senior exploration. For example, Maria Baumgartner (‘23) said, “Some of my favorite lunch spots include Subway, Aljons, and Woo Ri Mart. I like these spots because they provide a generous variety of food to choose from and are usually reasonably priced.”
Not only are they accessible to seniors but these spots provide a fun environment for them.
“I like the environment of these places because the staff at each spot is always friendly and the plazas they are located in provide enough spots to sit,” Baumgartner said. “I usually go to each spot a couple of times a week. I find all of these spots to be very close [by], with Subway being slightly further than Aljons and Woo Ri.”
Aljons is a spot seniors frequently visit during lunch for tasty pizza slices and a nice ambience. However, some students prefer other pizzerias. “Capuanos is much less crowded than Aljons and has fresh pizza and pasta,” Varrshitha Kumar (‘23) said.
Kumar also calls McCaffrey’s one of her favorite spots. In addition to being a grocery store, McCaffrey’s offers a lot of lunch options. “McCaffrey’s has a nice upper level with seating that overlooks the store,” she added.
Whether Dunkin’, Aljons, McCaffrey’s or any other eatery nearby, seniors have truly enjoyed their lunch periods this year. The privilege of senior lunches have brought new memories for the class of 2023 to carry as they sail on the next journey in their life.