Anime binge-down


Anya Forger from the anime,“Spy x Family”

Smiti Yadla, Culture Editor

     More than 6,000 modern anime have been produced since the 1963 release of “Astro Boy,” one of the first popular releases, to last January’s opening of “Tokyo Revengers.”Anime was widely known for entertaining children under the age of 13, until it expanded to teenagers and even adults. With so many options, how can one choose? By weighing out factors like popularity from our Pirate’s Eye poll,  animation and storyline, let’s figure out your next Friday night binge. 

  1. Spy x Family: Released on April 9 of 2022,“Spy x Family” is the number one favorite for South anime enthusiasts. The story looks at the family dynamics between an undercover spy, an assassin and a telepath, all oblivious to each other’s secrets, this anime is a cross between action and slice of life, with both humor and action.  
  2. Chainsaw Man: Appreciated for its refreshing storyline and one of the most technically impressive animations, “Chainsaw Man” ranks second on this list, by being a fan-favorite with a whopping 32% of voters polled the south community’s choices. This newly released anime rose through the ranks in a mere four months after its release in October 2022. With a seemingly “normal” main character, Denji is considered to be the “most relatable” protagonist, as stated by South students. 
  3. Demon Slayer: Mainly known for its intense animation and heartbreaking storyline, “Demon Slayer” ranks third. The story centers around Tanjiro and the quests he and his sister take in order to turn her,  a blood-thirsty demon back into a human. He must accomplish this while demon lord Muzan hunts them both for his sister’s unique demon properties. 
  4. Haikyuu!!: “Haikyuu!!” is a one of a kind sports anime, where the main character, Shoyo Hinata, beats the odds and his limitations of height to play volleyball. Hinata is an aspiring volleyball player, with only one problem: he’s short, unlike other volleyball players. Over the course of four seasons and four movies, viewers follow Shoyo’s journey of learning new skills and being the best volleyball player he can be. 
  5. Attack on Titan: Known as one of the most mainstream anime in the world, “Attack on Titan” sits at the fifth position. After being released in 2013, this anime has remained popular due to its intense storyline and characterization . An anime that follows the journey of Eren Yeager, who swore to rid the world of the man-eating titans terror, but finds out that he has been given the ability to transform into the same horrifying monsters.