South welcomes new teachers on the pirate ship

Tiffany Lu and Sree Charani Avula

Ms. N’Talia Wilson

Subject: Dance 1

“I hope to help my students enjoy the art of dancing and make this class a stress reliever for them.”


Mr. Henry Hill

Subject: Geometry and Advanced Algebra II

“I hope to help students enjoy the beauty in math.”


Ms. Shirley Hecht

Subject: Principles of Engineering

“What I would like to spread amongst my students is if they can be unconditionally kind towards people who are different from them.”


Mr. Joshua Crome

Subject: Emerging Financial Markets

“Something I’m looking forward to this year is seeing how all the students’ minds operate.”


Mr. Christopher Gero

Subject: Physical Education and Health

“I was just hoping that as I get more and more comfortable, I can build relationships with my students.”


Mr. Jacob Moore

Subject: Orchestra

“I want students to learn how to take ownership of the music that they make.”


Ms. Jessica Figueroa

Subject: Spanish 4

“I want my students to love and enjoy learning about Latin cultures.”


Ms. Karen Miller

Subject: Biology

“This year I hope to make stronger relationships with my students.”